Summer 2010

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  1. Bob Mi says:


    Is it possible to enable/disable the plugin on certain pages?

    For example,

    page 1 – enable plugin – static 1st page using custom template called statichome
    page 2- disable plugin – regular page using the default template
    page 3- enable plugin – regular page using the default template

    Thanks for your help (and the plugin too),


  2. Samo Štih says:

    Hey. I was wondering, how can I fix the plugin with my theme? The gallery runs normally if I switch on the default theme, but if I switch it to mine, it doesn’t show. This is the page, I hope you can somehow help me, since I would really love to have this gallery on my page.


    • janisto says:

      Hi Samo Štih,
      since my free time is quite limited, I usually don’t code/work for free trying to fix WordPress themes.


  3. Jay says:

    Hello – your plugin looks great. But when I uploaded it to my Arras theme – I get this issue:
    – in a post – the polaroids display great, but when I click on a polaroid the individual photo opens behind the stack of polaroids. Do you know why this is happening… thanks, Jay

    • janisto says:

      Hi Jay,
      since my free time is quite limited, I usually don’t code/work for free trying to fix WordPress themes.

      You could try to use Firebug and/or check out CSS z-index properties.


  4. Hi from Greece!

    Create gallery indeed.

    Is there a way not to shown images titles in thumbnails?

  5. aodnycom says:

    This plugin looks TERRIFIC, by far it is the best looking gallery plugin available, that being said, check out some useful information about it that I found.

    Easy Fixes

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  7. MyHandyShop says:

    Very cool plugin, so I’ll probably use for a new project

  8. Dammion says:

    Hey.. your plugin is nice.. but let me ask 1 question.. is that possible if we change the link of the thumbnail to a link not to a big picture link of that thumbnail??

  9. Smittyhead says:

    I love your plugin and was wondering how would I be able to hide the transparent grey that comes up over the background when I click on an images. Couldn’t find it in the CSS. What is it that I’m overlooking?

    Is this possible to turn off or alter the transparency?

  10. Hi there !! i activated the plugin but i dont see any short code to insert in my page anywhere…did i do somrthing wrong?

  11. says:

    That’s so good!!!

  12. Neel says:

    Hey janisto,

    Gr8 plugin..but i was wondering that is it possible to link images to pages or posts

  13. Jeff says:

    Your donation link is broken. I was having issue setting up a gallery since I am not sure if I am supposed to click insert into POST on Screenshot #4 within the instructions. I tried donating since I think it is fair to pay for your time to help out because obviousl others are not having an issue. But the PAYPAL link is broken.

    • janisto says:

      Edit title and caption for all images and then click “Save all changes”. After that, choose your order and Gallery columns and then click “Insert gallery”.

      Donate link uses PayPal, so it might be broken at times 😉

  14. Frank Thoeny says:

    Your Polariod Gallery plugin works Awesome.
    Using WP 3.2 and greater (all I have tested on)
    2 plugins that I recommend useful with Polariod Gallery are:
    – Unattach
    – Regenerate
    The “Unattach” plugin will unattach the already attached image from the page within the Media page. That way if you don’t want your images associated with the gallery they can easily be removed.
    Regenerate will make new thumbnails too.

    • Christof says:

      Hi I would also like to use the gallery.
      Which gallery do I need to be able to use the Polaroid gallery?

      Nextgen Gallery? or…

      The search for WP Gallery yielded 578 strike.
      can I have a link to the gallery?

  15. Mo says:


    I LOVE this plugin I have been using it for a while. I was wondering if each gallery had it’s own id and if I could insert a gallery from one post into a different page or section of my website?


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  19. Alex says:

    Your plugin is great. But what about IE7 and IE8? It doesn’t work on them…

  20. janisto says:

    Hi Alex,
    IE7 and IE8 are both working fine. There is just little bit less CSS3 styles, since those browsers do not support them.

  21. Jay K says:


    Your plugin works great but I’m not able to see more than 4 picture when there is 8 on a page. However, on a post it works fine. Is there setting I’m missing?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  22. Zakir says:


    got a problem.

    it says :

    $.randomBetween is not a function

    Line 48

    In my header.php, i have javascript is defined in following waY:

    $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    $j( document ).ready(function()


    and your .js is defined in line 36

    var $ = jQuery.noConflict(),
    and line 136,

    if(jQuery.browser.webkit) {
    jQuery(window).load(function() {
    } else {
    jQuery(document).ready(function() {

    i’m not sure where i’m doing wrong.

    In my theme i am using color box, so i disabled those, but still have problem.

    any clue?

    i dont mind to pay, just tell me how much.

  23. Tweety06 says:

    The display of the pictures is really great, I like it :)
    I’m wondering if there is the possibility to click on one picture, Paris for e.g. and then be redirected to an album contening all the pictures from Paris, clicking on Barcelona access to the link with all pictures of Barcelona, etc.
    That would be wonderfull
    Anyway, thanks for the widget

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  25. stephanie says:

    love the plug-in – super fun. is there anyway to put it in a widget? thanks for your help!

  26. Alex says:

    Please tell me how to change the background behind the text that appears under the photo in the gallery?
    The color code search in all CSS files and even through all the files on the site (php expert editor used) – not even find where to output text size and color, not to mention the background. I see in your demo black text on white bg, but i have blacj text on gray bg…

  27. Oli says:


    The first two pictures look really good. The third picture, but is very large in the preview. Can I adjust the somewhere?

    See website.

    regards Oli

  28. Jacqueline says:

    I want to put links to the images, but when i change the link of the image it doesnt work :S

    Please answer me fast!
    Thank you

  29. Christof says:

    Hi I would also like to use the gallery.
    Which gallery do I need to be able to use the Polaroid gallery?

    The search for WP Gallery yielded 578 strike.
    can I have a link to the gallery.

  30. melvin says:

    if i use your plugin to overlay a single photo, is there any way to get the text to wrap around the photo?

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